All facts at a glance


Every 15 to 20 seconds, we release a foam cloud into the air. Upon request, we can do it even faster.

Outdoors, the cloud dissolves without residue after approximately 40 minutes, indoors, it dissolves significantly faster.


You can use our foam clouds indoors. Even food can be enjoyed under the clouds as they do not drip.

Also safe for athletic events, as they do not pose a slip hazard for either athletes or atheletes.


Our clouds fly up to 15 km, depending on the weather.

The flight altitude is adjustable. Either flat through the shopping street or up to 1,500 m high.


Children can snack on the foam clouds if they want, because they look like cotton candy.

Admittedly, they are not tasty, but they are absolutely non-toxic. You also don’t have to worry about their clothing because the foam doesn’t leave any stains.


Sun and wind calm – that’s what we love.
Even with light wind, rain, or snowfall, we can fly.

We recommend our sunshine insurance policy.


Our foam clouds do not cause any damage to your equipment.

Specially tested and suitable for TV, stage shows and trade fairs on spotlights and various technical equipment.


Our clouds are massless, therefore harmless to air traffic.

But before our events, we inform the aviation authority about the location and time period.


Our clouds are 100% biodegradable. They disintegrate in the air after about 40 minutes, depending on the weather.

All ingredients have been tested and leave no residues, whether indoors or on clothing.


Again and again we hear the comparison: you are the alternative to balloons.

While millions of balloons rise every year and become fatal to animals and the environment, we are the eco-friendly option.


It is possible to color the foam clouds individually.

However, our tip: Pure white foam clouds glitter best in the sunlight. And in the evenings, we illuminate the clouds to make them shine.


Upon request, you can not only see your logo but also smell it.

In coordination with our technical team, we can integrate custom scents into the clouds.


We are more than happy to brand our equipment with your logo or let our clouds rise out of your decoration ideas.

Our team is dedicated to provide conceptual and construction assistance, offering guidance and support every step of the way.